Monday, April 8, 2013

Top Five Funniest Road Signs

Road signs are supposed to be informative things that give you vital pieces of information, right…?

Lost in translation
place: Wales
This is one of the all-time classics courtesy of the Swansea town council. As a non-Welsh speaker one would assume that bottom part says the same as the top part, right. Not exactly. What it actually says is “I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated" and was obviously part of the would-be translator’s automated out-of-office email reply.

No officer, it’s where I live…
place: Weed, California
The question isn’t so much “how did the this town get to be called Weed” (that’s easy – the town’s founder was pioneer Abner Weed) but more “why the hell have the town’s elders not changed the name”?”. One can only but imagine the jokes it’s 2 967 townsfolk have had to endure and the sheer number of road signs stolen by those habitual stealers of road signs… college kids.

You are not here
place: Palm Springs
If you were on your way to Tahquitz Canyon, near Palm Springs in the US and home to a spectacular 20 metre waterfall, rock art, ancient irrigation systems and artifacts… well… you would be going in the wrong direction. This land owner is clearly so over answering the inevitable question posed by his confused countrymen, he has been moved to make a sign.

Boom. There it is.
place: Falkland Islands
Courtesy of the English/Argentinian spat over who owned this little archipelago in the South Atlantic ocean, the islands’ 200 humans and 500 000 sheep have the threat of unexploded mines to worry about. They also have to worry about what this sign actually means. Should one slow down, as this will somehow minimize the chances being blown up? Or should you speed up, because the mines explode quite slowly and you could actually out run a mine should you trigger it. 

Yes I know, but where are you from?
place: Twatt, Shetland Islands
What is it with chilly little archipelagos and funny road signs? This one is on the Shetland Islands, those small and very chilly pieces of rock north east of mainland Britain. Twatt is a small settlement on the largest of the Islands and gets its name, not from the type of people of who live there, but the old Norse word meaning “small parcel of land”. Makes for a great photo opp though. Not.