Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Mayans Made Me Do It

Although initially skeptical, I'm beginning to worry those damn Mayans might be onto something...

Yesterday my day started out with a fairly snarky posting on my Facebook profile that said, and I quote (myself)...

Yes it is pretty funny, isn't it. I read it somewhere, I'm not sure where. But it got the requisite "hahahas" and "likes" one gets on one's Facebook page. Subsequent events, however, have led me to think those Mayans might not be as wrong as I'd mockingly alluded too.

You see, before the day was up, I was biting into a heart burn-guaranteeing, artery-lining, life-shortening cheese pie from the Spar. And usually it would be a cold day in hell - or another muggy day on the Yucatan - before I sink my teeth into a pastry of this vintage.

Somehow, the universe totally maneuvered me into eating this dodgy cheese pie. And I'm beginning to wonder if the Mayans weren't directing proceedings.

Here's the timeline...

1. There's no bread at home, so I can't make my usual sarmie
2. The Vida down below the Red Bull HQ is still closed, so I can't buy a reasonably tasty but hugely over-priced roll.
3. The sandwich guy who comes around the office is still on holiday (clearly the sandwich business is a lucrative one)

So I get in my car and drive down the road to the Spar. Usually I'd walk, but I've got flu and I'm feeling rather crap. And into the Spar I go. They have a deli that makes sarmies..

me: Can I please have a Tuna Mayo sandwich on wholewheat.

Spar lady: Yes.

me: Thank you

Spar lady: Sorry.. no... we only have white bread.

me: Allllright... that pie... it says "spinach & feta". It has actual spinach & feta inside?

Spar lady: Yes.

me: You're sure...?

Spar lady: Yes ***rolls eyes**

me: Okay, I'll have that.

I get back to the office and take a bite of what I think is a fairly healthy and maybe even tasty pie only to find it filled with runny yellow cheese and nothing else.

Mayans... I'm telling you. Heard it here first. Okay not first, but you know what I mean.