Monday, July 30, 2012

Top Five Country Singer Car Deaths

First their lover left them… then their dog died… then so did they. In their car.

Hank Williams d 1953
The car: 1952 Cadillac convertible
Perhaps the most revered country musician of all, passed away in the back of a car while being driven to a gig in Charleston by a student ironically named Charles Carr. Cause of death, according to the coroner, was "acute right ventricular dilation"… or to put it another way… ole Hank died of a broken heart.

 Johnny Horton d 1960
The car: 1959 Cadillac
With his good looks and a 1960 Best Country & Western Song Grammy for "The Battle of New Orleans", fame and fortune beckoned Johnny. Unfortunately so did a certain Mr Death. The night Johnny died, he was driving his Cadillac home from the Austin Skylight Club. The Austin Skylight Club was also the last place Hank Williams played… Hank Williams also owned a Caddy… and Johnny had married Hank’s widow, Billie Jean Jones Eshlimar.

Dottie West d 1960
The car: 1982 Plymouth Reliant
Best known for her emotional country ballads with King Of The Emotional Country Ballads, Kenny Rogers, Dottie was killed when her 81-year-old neighbour lost control of the car he was driving Dottie to a show in. Dottie’s car – one given to her by Kenny – wouldn’t start and old Mr Thackton kindly offered her a lift…

Billy Walker d 2006
The car: Transit Van
Best known for his 1962 hit “(I’d Like To Be In) Charlie’s Shoes", Billy was a card-carrying Nashville legend with 24 albums during his 60-year career. Driving back to Nashville after a performance in Foley, Alabama, the van he was driving veered of Interstate 65 in the early hours of the morning killing Billy, his wife, and two other band members.

Betty Jack Davis Walker d 1953
The car: unknown
The Davis Sisters were best known for their confidently-titled 1953 hit, “I’ll Forget More Than You’ll Ever Know”. It was a song that Betty Jack and her identically-surnamed-but-unrelated musical partner Skeeter Davis sung to no.1 on the US country charts. Sadly, soon after the release of their hit, their car was involved in a head-on collision. Betty Jack was killed instantly but Skeeter survived with concussion and internal injuries

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