Wednesday, July 14, 2010


No doubt that South Africa’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup 2010© (there you go Sepp) has taught us many things.

On me personally, it imparted 5 learnings.

1. My cat is either psychic or an octopus in disguise. Boebie – we named him after a Woodstock gangster (long story) – was the subject of a little domestic experiment. Emulating the famous exploits of Paul Der Kalamari, we decided to see if Boebie could also predict the outcome of the final. On one food bowl we stuck a Spanish flag, and on the other a Dutch one. In each the bowl we put a spoon of tuna. And in front of both we put Boebie.

He headed straight for the Spanish tuna. And when he finished that he polished off the Dutch. Proof then that besides the fact that he’s a total glutton (and embarrassingly fat for a cat), Boebie has incredible powers of prediction, for as we all well know, the Spaniards are now world champs.

2. Fake tickets work. They get you in. Someone might be sitting in “your” seat, but there’s always a spare seat going somewhere.

3. I need to get back into the gym. I took my 7-year old daughter to watch Portugal play North Korea. We had great seats. In the second half we sat behind the Korean goal – sort of diagonally to the left. Which meant that 6 of the 7 Portuguese goals were scored right in front of us. Which meant that every time the Porras scored, or came close to scoring, everyone in the stands stood up. And that meant that every time this happened I had to jump and host Holly above above it all for her to catch the magic.

By the end of the game I was sweating profusely and could barely lift my hand to scratch, or pick, my nose.

4. The vuvuzelas were great. They added to the Great SA World Cup Vibe. Unless there was one right behind you in the stands. Then you wanted to punch your fellow football fan.

5. Budweiser is crap beer. Despite a determined sampling exercise, I have reached a firm conclusion. Most beers start to taste ok after the second. Not with Bud, bud.