Tuesday, June 22, 2010

North Koreans. They're even weirder than I thought.

We all know how weird they are, right? And sneaky. Look once and there they are on their little peninsula looking at their shoes and whistling.... look again and they've built really good, cheap cars, taken over women's golf, torpedo'd a warship, built a few nukes, and scored a goal against Brazil.

But that's nothing compared to the really weird way they play football. My daughter and I braved the rain to watch North Korea play Portugal last night in their World Cup clash at the fab new Green Point stadium. And I have to say those little Korean blokes are even stranger than I imagined.

I've never seen anything like it.

--They don't dive.
--They don't moan at the ref.
--They don't shout at each other.
--They don't gesticulate that a) the pitch is ruining their artistic football skills; or b) the ball is no better than something purchased in the toys aisle at Checkers
--They actually try for the full 90 minutes even though they're getting thumped.

Sepp.. dude... this kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated. Something must be done.